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Red Sea Sails is bringing sailing to the Red Sea. The first and only international IYT partner sailing school in the area. A sailing yacht charter company & A Hanse Yachts partner charter company.
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Today, IYT is the largest provider of crew and skipper certificates for the recreational yachting industry in the world. IYT has developed a modular format in maritime training to offer a series of recreational nautical courses that are accepted by major national registries and governments. IYT refers to this series of courses as the "International Boating & Sailing Passport." This has enabled them to successfully establish a network of partner schools, offering IYT courses worldwide.
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Meet Your IYT Instructor

Sigrid Moors "Sigi"

Sigrid Moors "Sigi"


Quite early in life, at the age of 12, I discovered my passion for sailing. My best friend’s parents owned a Hallberg Rassy and took us out sailing every weekend in the Netherlands. I remember falling asleep with the halyard clanging against the mast and thinking “this is what I want when I grow up”. Yet, life took me in another more corporate direction until I realized at the age of nearly 30 that there is more to life and I started traveling. During these travels my whole lifestyle changed and I became a scuba diving Instructor and have been teaching scuba in the Caribbean, Africa and in the Red Sea. Then, it actually took me until 2006 when I crossed from Mozambique to Madagascar in a small yacht, that my passion for sailing was revived and I knew “this is it!”. Shortly after that experience, in 2008, I actually joined my first sailing course in Turkey… and BANG!

Within 5 days at sea, I had fallen in love with sailing again and I had already found my own yacht. From this moment onward, there was no return. As lucky as I was, in the years to come, I have been sailing with the best sailors, instructors and racers and learned a lot from each of them. Another dream was fulfilled in 2017 when I crossed the Atlantic Ocean and we spend some time sailing around in the Caribbean. And while joining my mentors on their yachts, I became an inspiration for many new sailors, enjoyed cruising around the Mediterranean with friends and family and successfully participated in various local regattas with my own yacht and an all-female team. In the years to follow, I have chartered, delivered and sailed many yachts and seas and today yet another dream comes true and we proudly announce the opening of the first and only IYT accredited sailing school in the Red Sea.

Red Sea Sails Sailing School (RSSSS) is a sailing school accredited by International Yacht Training (IYT), an international entity that issues the most recognized sailing certificates worldwide. RSSSS is accredited to train and certify skippers of all types of sailing yachts up to 24 meters, issuing international sailing licenses. These certificates will be accepted as a proof of your skipper qualification in any country, by any charter company, maritime administration or insurance. Completing your Bareboat Skipper license with us, allows you to automatically obtain the International Certificate of Competence (ICC). The certificates issued by IYT are valid in 25 countries, thus being a world leader in the field of sailing courses.

International Yacht Training (IYT) is a maritime academy accredited by the British Maritime and Coast Agency (MCA), the US Coastguard (USCG), and other government agencies around the world. IYT has the largest number of maritime courses approved by national agencies, which are taught through IYT-accredited schools, such as Red Sea Sails Sailing School (RSSSS).